There can be no doubt in the minds of the Gogledd Cymru team about the challenge ahead. Size prevailed on Saturday when in giving, a "stone a man" to the Waterloo pack, Gogledd Cymru conceded 6 tries and 37 points.
This ends a series of two preseason friendly matches which have been useful in introducing new players to the system and in outlining the task for the future.
Playing a level above club rugby will demand greater fitness and skill levels from individual players. Having new levels to aspire to presents exciting targets for these players. Coaches and management have recognised this as a process. It will not happen overnight or over the season - but it will happen.
There is a buzz in the camp. No-one can have any doubt about the commitment of the players, coach, physio, manager and technicians. The only disappointment on Saturday was the support.
The next game is against Sale Jets on the 19th Sept in Bangor k.o. 19-30. The Jets will be looking to avenge the 17 all draw last season.