"2010 - 2011
A North Wales semi-professional team playing in the Premiership. This is a realistic goal and work towards setting up the organisation, administration, coaches, finances and facilities should start in 2006/2007. "

So reads Section 12.2 of the "North Wales Rugby Union Strategic Plan". Initiated by Gerald Davies in 2006 and approved by the WRU Exective, this public document lays out the future for rugby in North Wales. It is available in Welsh at http://www.geocities.com/districtjrugby/wplan.doc and English at http://www.geocities.com/districtjrugby/eplan.doc
In the past year Gogledd Cymru has demonsrated that it is rising to the challenge which this opportunity offers the fledgling regional side. This is what we have achieved.
1. We have established a product - Gogledd Cymru - with clear aims and objectives.
2. We have a training facility and pitch at Eirias Park Colwyn Bay which meets Premiership standard. It is also in the right geographical area to serve North Wales. This will be our home ground in 2008-9.
3. We have established a process of team development with players drawn from the clubs of North Wales.
4. We have fulfilled all the fixtures on a fixture list which exposes players to a higher level of rugby than Division 4.
5. We have engaged the local business community in financial support.
6. We have a management, coaching and medical team and a business plan which will take us to the Premiership.
7. We have reversed the negativity and cynicism about North Wales Senior Rugby

Gogledd Cymru aims to be the best team in Wales and most health conscious, player centric team in Europe. The team recognises that this a process which will not happen overnight. It has already demonstrated the organisational capability and ambition to function at the highest level.

Gogledd Cymru - Live the dream