RGC1404 went down by one point last night against an organised, physical Leeds Carnegie side. One thing was clear from the moment Leeds took the field. This was not an under19’s side, as billed in the programme.

The game started well for 1404. Following some penetrating runs, an offside offence gave them a penalty after two minutes. Outside half Steve Woodward put the home team ahead. The lead was short lived and a few minutes later another offside saw Leeds draw level through the boot of Christian Georgiou.

The Gogs performed well in the set pieces but their attack looked disorganised. Second row Luke Cudmore produced good lineout ball and had an excellent game. The scrum performed well but on a dry pitch in front of a good crowd, the Gogs 8,9,10 unit, so effective in previous games, did not quite add up to 27.

RGC were competitive at the breakdown with Will Bown and Spillane’s man of the match Chauncey O’Toole in good form. Decisions are the breakdown seemed unpredictable at times, both to the crowd and players, and a penalty each brought the score to six all at half time.

In the second half, Leeds continued to challenge, innovative kicks behind the Gog’s defence and some excellent offloading kept the home team on its toes. In this intense but game, there were frequent infringements by both sides. The penalties favoured the Gogs and Woodward put the home team 12-6 ahead.

From early on it seemed one of those games that would be won by the first side to score a try. A momentary defensive lapse allowed Leeds to break the line from 30 metres out. Harry Rowan scored near the posts leaving an easy conversion to bring the score to 13-12 to the visitors.

Stung by this try, RGC went on the offensive, but it was too late, the referee’s whistle concluded the game.