Was captain Wil Bown's response to coach Jon Aby's question "How do you feel?" after Gogledd Cymru's 56-23 win over the Welsh Fire Service.
This hypercritical retort, to a congratulatory question, is a measure of how far this Gogledd Cymru side have come in 2 years. They have played sides from the Russian Champions to the Sale and Worcester development teams. They know how good rugby can get and they want to be there.
"To be the best, you have to play against the best" This tautology from national coach Warren Gatland signifies the approach Gogledd Cymru have taken over the past two seasons. "Why don't you play sides you can beat?" say the critics. The answer is obvious.
Last night Gogledd Cymru played some scintillating rugby, providing the modest crowd with some of the best rugby seen in North Wales this season.
"Too many penalties and not enough structure!" cut in Bown. The discussion that ensued was a testament to coach Jon Aby. Players added their technical analysis of the game. It encapsulated the progress the team has made.
"Eight months ago, you couldn't have done what you did tonight" commented Aby. Heads nodded - but everyone knew there was more! They have played against it and they want it.
The success of the evening was not in the score it was in the dressing room discussion.
At half time the players were unanimous in their critical analysis of the game. Everyone knew what was going wrong, even with 30 points on the board, and they knew what was needed to correct it. It was a moment of empowerment which marked a change in this team.
"I have heard the coach shouting" commented video analyst Dave Cheesbrough "But it is the first time I have seen the team shouting corrective instructions to each other."
"Tonight! You are Worcester! You are Sale!" commented coach Jon Aby at half time, "You have to execute. Anything less than 50 points will be a failure."
In doing so, new potential emerged. The Gogledd front row were outstanding. Man of the match Simon Griffiths demonstrated that he has the potential to succeed as a top class prop. Pwllheli's Arron Owen, one of the successes of the game against Russia, added analysis to attitude, His half time appraisal of the game and physical commitment demonstrated why he is emerging as one of the best props in the region. English U18 international hooker Dave Blackwell laid down the gauntlet to injured hooker Baston with an outstanding performance.
Behind the scrum, Carwyn Williams demonstrated why he has already played at Premiership level. Mathew Parry showed a return to his old form choosing to distribute rather than kick. The penetration of Jack Moorehouse and the speed of Christian Lille finished a number of tries.
But Aby's, last words were for Bown. "Wil's comments demonstrated how much HE and the team have changed. He has always been an inspirational leader but over the past few months I have seen a huge change in his technical aspirations. He wants excellence. I want to give HIM the chance to play Premiership rugby, possibly even to lead the team into that."